I was a client of Nat'l Debt Relief's (NDR) program and had one creditor remaining until I was completely debt-free! I was told to reach out to one of three recommended debt litigators and Jessica Galletta happened to be the one closest to me. Man, she is locked-on! and got to work on my issue fast! She got in touch with Chase (my sole remaining creditor) and had a settlement proposal awaiting my approval in ‘less than’ a week! Thanks to The Galletta Law Firm and NDR – after 38-months – I am finally debt-free! Thanks a ton, Jessica!

-- Allen L.

You were awesome to work with. Thanks! - Anonymous

The bank was dual tracking me, so while saying they were modifying my loan, they were selling my home from beneath me. I tried to handle the matter myself, but I got nowhere. Enter Jessica and her team, who were instrumental in resolving my case. - Nancy M.

Jessica took the case and in less than a few weeks the bank come back with a settlement offer with an excellent principal reduction. Overall, the entire team did an outstanding work. Thanks a lot for everything you did for my case. - Roberto N.

With Jessica team's, great warm heart, and professional knowledge, we won our case. Thanks, Jessica! - Jay Y.